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From... Joe Marsh
Date... Tuesday 2:50 pm
RE...... Affordable original articles written for you.

Hi my name is Joe Marsh and like many of you I struggled with content creation... specifically articles. It seemed like I always needed them for something.

But first, if you're not familiar with articles, they're great. You can use them for...

  • Content for your web sites or blogs. 
  • Email for your subscribers. 
  • You can use them in reports or ebooks. 
  • Press Releases. 
  • Content to be submitted to article directories. 
  • You can use them for power points and create videos. 
  • And the list keeps growing. Articles have many uses.... 

But there are some problems associated with articles and writing them.

So regardless, if you're new to the use of articles and writing them or you're a seasoned pro. You still have to deal with their bad points.

Article writing can be hard...

  • You have to spend time researching the material for your articles. Unless you are an expert in the topic and know it very well. This could take hours finding all the right and accurate material you need for your articles. 
  • It takes time to write articles and get them organized, if you're not skilled at article writing. It often takes many people between 30 minutes and an hour to write just 1 article. You could spend hours everyday just writing a few articles. 
  • One big problem with article writing is most people do not even like the task of writing.  
  • Most people will not hang in long enough to get good at article writing. It takes time to get the hang of it. It takes time to get to the point to where you can do just one article in less than 30 minutes. 
  • You have to make sure your grammar, spelling and punctuation are all done correctly. 
  • Article creation is not the only thing that needs to be done. You have to... submit articles, build web sites, research keywords, check emails, generate traffic, network, create products, write sales letters, install scripts, create payment pages, answer customer questions. You know it seems like the list never ends.  
  • If you're currently outsourcing your article creation, you have other issues to deal with... You have to find writers, screen them and review their content to make sure it is up to your standards. Then as soon as you find the right ones you have to find more. What usually happens is your writers disappear. Never to be heard from again.  

It can drive you crazy just thinking about it. We want the benefits of articles but we also want to avoid the problems associated with them. So what's the solution.

We call it "Automatic Content Creation".

Here is how it works and what we have done for you. We have...

  • Found, tested and screened a great team of writers to create our articles. And now they can do yours too. 
  • Writers who will deliver fantastic and affordable content. All keyword rich and well researched. 
  • Professionals from many different niches and areas. Now all your article needs can be met. 

Just imagine... Now...

  • The search engines will love your websites and blogs. You can publish fresh. original and unique content on a regular basis. No more re-purposed content that can be found on hundreds if not thousands of websites. 
  • Every article is specific and related to your topic. 
  • No more spending time and effort on writing articles. Spend your time on the other important tasks that bring money in for you. 
  • No hassle's trying to find good writers to create your articles. We have already done this for you. No more worries about managing your outsourcing staff. This is taken care of also. 
  • You will have competent and fast writers working just for you. At your call whenever you need them. 
  • You'll save time and money. 
  • No more struggling to create content. If your first language is not English you're probably are struggling with it. Like we said our writers will create the  content just for you. 
  • No wondering if your writer will get your content to you on time. And... you don't have to worry ever again about your writers disappearing on you. 
  • You will receive your articles Quickly... We have fast turnaround times. 

Here is what others have to say about our articles...

  • I am impressed Joe. Look forward to further business.

  • A very good job. Carry on, these are great!

  • By the sound of things, doing this project may have created another [niche removed] lover!

  • Joe's writer did an excellent job on my articles and did 10 in 2 days -- FAST

  • Good job, super fast and super cheap --- also Joe is warrior and available by phone to discuss any problems or issues you may have.

  • I give him and service 5 stars.

  • I am happy. Thanks. 

 So here is how it works...

  • First... Choose the package that best suits your needs. After you have paid, you will be redirected to our order confirmation page. There you will enter your name and email address.  
  • Then we will send you an email. This email will be used to submit the details of your order. 
  • Lastly... Complete the email and return it to us.
  • And that's it... Simple and Easy... 

I am sure you're asking yourself... 

How much this is going to cost.

That's a good question. If you are like me, you have already started researching the idea of having articles written. And I would not doubt that you found reputable sites with prices ranging from $10 per article to $75 per article.

Yes that is right... Some people are charging $75 per article and the truth be told I have even seen one person charging $375 per article. That's crazy, isn't it? Three Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars ($375) per article.

But don't worry... We won't charge you $375 per article. We will not even charge $75 or $10 per article. You will see in a minute, our service is very affordable. But before I give you our final cost, I want to share with you our Guarantee.

Here is our Article Writing Service Guarantee to you...

  • We Guarantee... All articles you receive will be a minimum of 500 words in length.

  • We Guarantee... Your satisfaction with the articles you receive. [Here's how it works. You send us your order. We do 2 of the articles for you to review. If all is well we complete the order. If not we try and fix it to meet your needs. If we can't fix them we refund your money. (Please note: If you do find a problem all we ask is that you tell us where the problem is so we can fix it for you. You have to know, we are writers and not mind readers.)]

  • We Guarantee... We will never resell your articles to anyone else.

  • We Guarantee... Our writer's will never resell your articles to anyone else. 

  • We Guarantee... You alone own the Copyright to the articles you receive from us.

  • We Guarantee... All Articles are 100% Unique. 

  • We Guarantee... All grammar, spelling and punctuation will be 99%+ correct. 

You see with our article writing service you have a lot
to gain and nothing to lose.

So let's talk cost... First this is a limited time special. I can not guarantee how long this special price will last. Now... I'm not saying this as a tactic to get you to buy, but as you know circumstances and times change and we will have to follow suit when needed. But as long as we can.. we will hold this special price for you. You will receive all your articles for only $5.00 each or less.

That's a great deal isn't it. You bet it is. But as we stated it is also a price that will not last forever. BUT... there is only 1 requirement to get this price. When you order you must order in multiples of 5. BUT... the more you order the better price you get.

So here is your final investment breakdown.

You can order...

  • 5 articles for $25 ($5.00 each) 
    • Estimated delivery 3-7 days 
  • 10 articles for $50 ($5.00 each)
    • Estimated delivery 3-7 days 

  • 20 articles for $90 ($4.50 each)
    • Estimated delivery 4-10 days

(Please note: All delivery times are estimated and could be affected by previous orders. All orders are processed on a first come, first serve basis. If there will be a delay with your order we will let you know when you place your order). 

I told you our pricing was good didn't I...

So, you may be asking yourself this one question...

Why such a great price? Easy... Because I can. You see... Our writers have agreed to a lower rate as long as we do not over tax them and take advantage of them. But, don't let that fool you. All of our articles are high quality and guaranteed. If you're not happy with them we will replace them for you. 

So now the question I have for you is...

Which package do you feel would be right for you? As you have seen, you do have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Remember you receive quality, unique and original articles written at great price. Plus... our Article Writing Service Guarantee.

So... Which package would you like today... Choose the appropriate link from below right now and we can get started on your articles.

Make your choice now from above...

Thanks and God bless.

joe marsh

PS... If you're still not sure, drop me an email or give me a call and we can get your questions answered. You can email me at joe @ GetOriginalArticlesWritten.com. Or you can call me at... 386.473.1372 .

PPS... Also don't forget. I can not guarantee how long this pricing will last. But, I will do my best to try and keep the pricing this low for as long as possible.

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